Products For Marketers

Products For Marketers

Know your audience with accurate, multi-dimensional and granular insights.

Reach Your Audience through Our Premium Publishers

Digibid integrates directly with premium websites and apps, providing you top quality inventory with minimal layers of fees. Of course, we’re also integrated with the top SSPs for massive reach and unprecedented scale.

Dynamic Retargeting

Upload your first party data and our cookie matching functionality will help you reach those previous customers or shopping card abandoners wherever they are on the web. Maximize sales, see an average of 13X ROAS, and bring shoppers back with personalized ads based on real-time intent.

Sponsored Products for Brands

Win more sales and grow your customer base. Our open network connects you directly with more shoppers on the world’s top retail sites.

Customer Acquisition

Reach and connect with up to 12x more shoppers. Generate incremental revenue, boost website traffic, and drive conversions by up to 73% from new customers.

Cross-Platform Audience

Accurately target and re-engage more of your customer base with dynamic paid display ads across web, mobile browsers, and apps.

Commerce Display for Brands

Influence customers throughout their shopper journey and drive real sales and ROAS via premium retailer inventory.

Direct Bidder

Maximize revenue by directly connecting with unique demand and retain the full value of the impressions we buy.