Know your audience with accurate, multi-dimensional and granular insights. Reach them through our integrated premium publishers.

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Access Premium Publisher Inventory

Digibid integrates directly with premium websites and apps, providing you top quality inventory with minimal layers of fees. Of course, we’re also integrated with the top SSPs for massive reach and unprecedented scale.

Dynamic Retargeting

Upload your first party data and our cookie matching functionality will help you reach those previous customers or shopping card abandoners wherever they are on the web. Maximize sales, see an average of 13X ROAS, and bring shoppers back with personalized ads based on real-time intent.

How DiGiBid Works for You:

Auto Scale

Never stop a winning campaign because of a budget issue. Scale campaigns with ease. You set your budget and goals, and DiGiBiD automatically scales to meet them with features like budget increase, cloning, and site-level bidding.


Save time and still crush your campaign goals. Digibid allows users to set parameters and optimize campaigns to increase ROI. Automatically increase your budget so winning campaigns don’t stop and set limits to minimize loss.

Real-Time Estimates

Keep track of your campaign performance in real time. Never settle for stat delays, when DiGiBiD streams ad cost and revenue in real time, so you can make better, faster decisions about your campaigns.

Direct & Unique Supply

High quality traffic from direct integrations with exclusive sites and apps, plus massive reach of the major SSPs.

Full Control

Self service offering with a dedicated account manager to guide you on your way to maximum campaign performance

Peace of Mind

Robust, reliable cloud infrastructure. Don't miss out on revenue, count on 99.9% uptime. DiGiBiD is built with high-reliability cloud architecture to handle your highest-volume campaigns.

Gain transparent access to our unique supply