Products For Publishers

Products For Publishers

Direct Bidder to Maximize your Supply

Our unique demand and your valuable inventory – a perfect match. We’re here to play matchmaker. Premium advertisers across verticals are just waiting to reach your users through Digibid’s platform.

Make the most from every impression.

Our Direct Bidder maximizes revenue by directly connecting your premium inventory to our premium demand. That means you retain the full value of every impression we buy — including standard display, native ad units, and select ad-blocked impressions.

How Our Direct Bidder Works for You.

Integrate Directly Through API

Take advantage of our standalone integration method, or utilize your existing header bidding wrappers through Prebid or Index.

Or Through Your Chosen SSP

We partner with the industry’s top SSPs and are always looking for new quality supply partnerships. If we aren’t already integrated with your SSP, we’ll do the legwork and start bringing our top advertisers to you.

PMP Deals

Premium publishers are invited to set up RON PMP deals with our top advertisers.

Gain transparent access to our
unique demand.

Stop losing revenue.

Eliminate third-party fees, hidden costs, and opaque bidding mechanisms for all impressions that Digibid buys directly.

Avoid latency.

Connect directly to our proven programmatic platform, delivering lightning-quick responses to more than 120 billion requests per day.

Efficiently match shoppers.

Directly match users’ cookies in real time and capture more spend from Digibid. The more info we have, the more we can pay you, and our system values impressions based on a shopper’s propensity to convert.

Maneuver around ad blockers.

Recover ad-blocked impressions with our ability to serve Acceptable Ads.